Enter The Time Machine

This is where the magic will happen.  As one blog post after another come together, they will coalesce into a space-time anomaly that lets me race with much younger guys.  It’s a project lovingly built, one DeLorean flux capacitor at a time.  Some of the pages in the works include:

  • How I Train.  This set of pages will pull together all my training ideas on running, cycling, and duathlon in a practical way so that older athletes who come after me can dominate in their races.  This covers training from about 5K runs up to 2 hour events (roughly Olympic distance).  It also includes single-sport races (e.g. half-marathons, 40K time trials, etc), which I think are so critical to performance.
  • Recovery.  The real trick to racing against 20 year olds is to recover like one.  Thankfully, being smarter is often more important than being younger.
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment. How I have conquered (or tried to conquer) the injuries I’ve gotten, how I keep them from coming back, and tricks for preventing new ones from cropping up.
  • Products I Use.  What secret tricks really help?  Which ones don’t?
  • Essential Resources.  Don’t take my word for it.  Go straight to the source instead.  Every person takes away different lessons from different teachers.  These are the best teachers I know of.

This is very much a work in progress– I’ll be using it as my personal toolbox so I have every incentive to keep it up to date.  Bookmark this page and come back soon if you want to race decades younger than you should be.*


*Content not suitable for my competitors in the M45-49 or M50-54 age groups– none of this stuff will work for you.   Instead, I urge anyone in these age groups to regularly use these products as a unique way to alter your oxygen uptake.

2 thoughts on “Enter The Time Machine

  1. Hi! I would love to learn how to fit my compex EMS device with regular pin connectors for the electrodes instead of their proprietary snap product. Can you help me? Thanks for the great article on EMS, it really helped me a lot!


    • Hey Oak:

      Sorry about the late reply!

      First, I thought about writing a blog post on how to retrofit Compex electrodes– but then realized that would probably draw the ire of Compex! The trick is easy enough. You just buy an extra set of cables specific to your Compex and get a set of pad electrodes specific to the types of pads that you want. Then you cut the electrodes off your Compex cables and solder the electrodes that you want to use onto the ends of the Compex cables. It’s a pretty primitive hack but it works great. Remember, though, that the electrodes use some pretty fine wires, so you need a really fine soldering iron.

      Second, you really can’t expand the units. It’s quite silly as the basic hardware is the same. You’d think that they would sell a basic unit and then let you buy the programs that you want to use, right? But that’s not the way that they sell them, sadly. The unit you have, though, is a great one as these are the basics that cover everything you need. The absolute key one is the recovery program. But the resistance, endurance, and strength are important ones to supplement your strength. Third in priority is the warm-up program. It’s helpful but I don’t use it that often.



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