A Real Pain in the Butt: Hamstring Tendinitis, GHR Raises, and Free Speed on the Bike

2014 has not been a good year for hamstring tendons.  So far, I’ve counted three friends (all within a few months of my age) who have gotten bitten by upper hamstring tendinitis.  Mind you, I’m an old guy– I don’t have that many friends.  When three of them suddenly get hamstring tendon problems, I call that an epidemic.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I know something about this injury — I got hit by it hard about 5-6 years ago, figured it out, and fixed it.  I’ve also figured out some ways to turn a disadvantage into a way to get faster.  Although I may regret it when former victims of this problem start beating me in races, sharing my thoughts on it is probably for the greater good.

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