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USAT Duathlon National Championship (Bend, Oregon) – A Race Report and Lessons Learned

This wasn’t my greatest race result by a long shot, but it was the result that I deserved.  As I mentioned in my last post, my body has been a house of cards this year.  Maybe a teetering stack of

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Training Different Kinds of Runners

Every week, I get flooded with emails promising to make me a better person.  Nothing new there.  Among the promises to cure baldness, erectile dysfunction, and the other ravages of old age, there are also emails that promise to improve my

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Chinese Liniments Revisited

A few months back, I started experimenting with different Chinese liniments and I’m quite impressed with the results.  While everyone is different, I think some of theses things could make a big difference for older athletes out there—and maybe a

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Recovery Showdown: R8 Roll Recovery vs Hyperice Vyper

Here’s my review of two awesome recovery products– the R8 by Roll Recovery and the Vyper vibrating foam roller by Hyperice.  If you’re serious about recovery, this post may help you decide which product is right for you.  Sadly, I

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A Quick Training Update

My training over the last few weeks has been ramping up pretty steeply into a pattern of fairly high-volume (at least for me).  This week, I’m riding and running six days a week.  I’m up to 8 miles a day on

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A Quick Alter-G Training Update

On a good day and in great shape, I can run a 10-mile race at about a 7:00 pace and run a 5:00 pace for about a half-mile.  So what business do I have running 15 minutes alternating between a

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Use an Alter-G for Your Running Rehab

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that I had an autologous blood injection in my left plantar fascia on October 27.  Fast forward four weeks and I just had the same procedure done on my right plantar fascia on November 24.  That

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