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USAT Duathlon National Championship (Bend, Oregon) – A Race Report and Lessons Learned

This wasn’t my greatest race result by a long shot, but it was the result that I deserved.  As I mentioned in my last post, my body has been a house of cards this year.  Maybe a teetering stack of

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Recovery Showdown: R8 Roll Recovery vs Hyperice Vyper

Here’s my review of two awesome recovery products– the R8 by Roll Recovery and the Vyper vibrating foam roller by Hyperice.  If you’re serious about recovery, this post may help you decide which product is right for you.  Sadly, I

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A Poor Duathlete’s Recovery Pump

A few months ago, I blogged about CEP Clone compression gear.  Compression garments are what most runners and duathletes think of when they hear term “compression.”  Technically, it’s “passive compression” because it’s just a garment that isn’t doing anything “active”

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How Important is Sports Nutrition? Purina Makes It For Your Dog

My wife Laura and I love animals.  So this weekend we were watching the Incredible Dog Challenge on NBC and then we saw an advertisement by the competition’s sponsor, Purina.  That’s when the entertainment really began.

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Product Review: Using a Compex EMS for Recovery, Strengthening, and Injuries

For years and years, I’ve used and loved my Compex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS).  I use it primarily when I get injured and when I need some intense recovery that I think is somewhat comparable to a massage.  Here’s why

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Product Review: CEP Clone

Running and cycling everyday can be pretty hard.  For the last few years, there are two tools that I use to keep my body feeling fresh.  One of them is CEP Clone compression gear.

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