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A Better Way to Run “Over-Under” Running Workouts

Ask any elite triathlete or runner about some of their most effective workouts and it’s highly likely that so-called “over-under” workouts will come up fairly quickly because they are devastatingly effective. I’ve always performed miserably at these workouts but I’ve

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Never Plan Steady Threshold Intervals

After racing this year, I am rethinking my approach to polarized training and currently need a hard focus on lactate threshold (FTP) work.  Yesterday, I rode the classic 2 x 20min at FTP and failed miserably.  I thought this was

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USAT Duathlon National Championship (Bend, Oregon) – A Race Report and Lessons Learned

This wasn’t my greatest race result by a long shot, but it was the result that I deserved.  As I mentioned in my last post, my body has been a house of cards this year.  Maybe a teetering stack of

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Using EMS Before a Big Race

In about a month, I am competing in the ITU World Duathlon Championship in Aviles, Spain.  Then, about three weeks, later, it’s on to USAT Duathlon Nationals (with a rather hilly bike course).  Yet in the last two races I’ve

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Periodization to Varied Training

In my last race report, I hinted that I would be elaborating on some of my recent training ideas.  This isn’t exactly a new idea for me– it’s just particularly acute for me this time of year.  Add to that

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An Example of Using Muscle Oxygenation During Interval Workouts

A little over a week ago, I ran some hard intervals at the track with my muscle oxygen sensor.  I really should have been watching my muscle oxygen values a bit more closely as they would have made the workout a

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Training Different Kinds of Runners

Every week, I get flooded with emails promising to make me a better person.  Nothing new there.  Among the promises to cure baldness, erectile dysfunction, and the other ravages of old age, there are also emails that promise to improve my

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