Racing Smarter with a Power Meter

Powertap Power MeterPart of being faster when you’re older involves being smarter when you’re older.  Of all the sports in triathlon, the one that has benefitted the most from technology is cycling– and no piece of modern cycling equipment (except possibly aerobars) makes as much of a difference as a power meter.  Here’s why you’re just giving up a podium spot if you don’t own one and use it effectively in your training and racing. Continue reading

Why You Need Shrink Wrap, Scissors, and Packing Tape in Your Race Bag

Roll of Shrink WrapPart of doing better of races is just being smarter at races.  And I like to think that one of the few benefits of getting old is getting smarter about racing.  Here’s a few quick hints I’ve picked up over my years of experience.  Young guys can ignore this post so us old guys can continue to live under this illusion.

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