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A Better Way to Run “Over-Under” Running Workouts

Ask any elite triathlete or runner about some of their most effective workouts and it’s highly likely that so-called “over-under” workouts will come up fairly quickly because they are devastatingly effective. I’ve always performed miserably at these workouts but I’ve

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Some Early Thoughts: Stryd on a Treadmill

I’ve had a few runs using my Stryd but this was the first one on a treadmill.  Here’s my experience– and some ideas about how to use it to improve my running while making indoor running more bearable.

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Thoughts on the Stryd Running Power Meter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so, you have no doubt heard about the upcoming Stryd running power meter.  As far as I can tell, DC Rainmaker was the first to do a review

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A Brief Garmin 920xt Transition Guide

I own a lot of Garmin devices.  I love their devices and I’m always impressed with what they come up with.  Our team recently got a great deal on the Garmin 920xt and so I updated my multisport watch to

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Prevent Running Injuries and Screen Your Running Shoes with RunScribe

A review of RunScribe just came in from Steve Magness and I thought it was so important that I had to share it with you immediately.  If you care about your running and don’t want to keep getting injured, read on.

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