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Thoughts on the Stryd Running Power Meter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month or so, you have no doubt heard about the upcoming Stryd running power meter.  As far as I can tell, DC Rainmaker was the first to do a review

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Echo H2: Another Wearable Lactate Measuring Tool

I just backed the Echo H2 lactate measurement strip on IndieGogo— and I think you might want to consider doing the same thing.  Here’s a quick review about what it promises– and how it differs from the BSX Insight (which I

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The Importance of Lactate Threshold

I just wanted to write a short post clarifying my position on lactate threshold and some exciting new product information to help optimize your training.

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Future Products for Improving Video Quality

If you’ve watched either my TT training ride video or my race footage from my recent 40K TT, you’ll know that I haven’t perfected the art of stabilization or adding variety to my point-of-view.  DC Rainmaker has been much more plugged

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Fund runScribe on Kickstarter and Add Even More Great Features

A funny thing happens when a lot of people sign up quickly for a Kickstarter project– the creators use the extra funding to reach for a “stretch goal,”  If you care anything about your running performance and want to avoid

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More Information About RunScribe

Yesterday, Nick Pang over at the Natural Running Center had a great post on the runScribe running kinematics monitor.  To me, the great takeaway from the article was the specific data points that we should be interested in when I’m evaluating

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Prevent Running Injuries and Screen Your Running Shoes with RunScribe

A review of RunScribe just came in from Steve Magness and I thought it was so important that I had to share it with you immediately.  If you care about your running and don’t want to keep getting injured, read on.

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