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How I Travel with my Bike

I travel with my bike… a lot.  Well not as much as a professional cyclist.  But for an everyday age-group athlete, it’s a lot of traveling with my bike.  Most of the folks I talk to are petrified about damaging

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Product Review: Omnium Bike Trainer

This is a product review of a super-portable bike trainer that really works.  Its called an Omnium bike trainer.  It folds up small, can fit in a carry-on bag (although you’ll probably want to check it), and can go just

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Thinking About a Moxy Muscle Oxygen Sensor

I was recently telling my physical therapist that my BSX Insight had shipped and that I was excited to be doing tests of my lactate threshold– and his coworker asked me if it was the same as the Moxy muscle oxygen

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A Brief Garmin 920xt Transition Guide

I own a lot of Garmin devices.  I love their devices and I’m always impressed with what they come up with.  Our team recently got a great deal on the Garmin 920xt and so I updated my multisport watch to

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Racing Smarter with a Power Meter

Part of being faster when you’re older involves being smarter when you’re older.  Of all the sports in triathlon, the one that has benefitted the most from technology is cycling– and no piece of modern cycling equipment (except possibly aerobars)

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Why You Should Consider (Really) Short Cranks

A while back, I was visiting with my physical therapist and chatting with him about my aching hip flexors.  I had recently raced the Washington State Time Trial Championship and noticed right after the race that my hip flexor ached whenever

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Carry a Track Tubular for Your Spare– and Reasons to Race on Tubulars

I love racing and training on tubular tires.  If you do too, here’s a couple of tricks that I came across that might make it a LOT easier to use them.

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