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USAT Duathlon National Championship (Bend, Oregon) – A Race Report and Lessons Learned

This wasn’t my greatest race result by a long shot, but it was the result that I deserved.  As I mentioned in my last post, my body has been a house of cards this year.  Maybe a teetering stack of

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Race Report: ITU Duathlon World Championship 2016 (Avilés, Spain)

This was the most improbable race!  A week ago, I said I couldn’t do it.  The night before the race, I said I couldn’t do it.  And, entering T2, I said that I certainly couldn’t do it.  Never in the

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2015 ITU Duathlon World Championship Race Report

This race report comes a bit late.  On October 18, I had the privilege of racing for TeamUSA in the ITU Duathlon World Championship in Adelaide, Australia.  As this was a race in the southern hemisphere, October was early summer

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Race Report: Duathlon Nationals 2015

For a few months now, my friend Mary Craig and I have been planning to race Duathlon Nationals in St. Paul, Minnesota.  After a long flight in, we made it on Thursday and raced on Saturday.  Here’s a race report.

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Race Report: WA State Time Trial Championship (40-K)

Today, Mary and I were down in Tenino, Washington to race the Washington State TT Championship.  This is a great event hosted by South Sound Velo.  This is the fourth(?) time that I’ve done this race.  For Mary, it was

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Quick Summary of my Racing So Far this Year

As I’m starting this blog a little late in the year, I thought I’d post a quick “catch up” post with my racing so far for 2014.  As I’ve described in a separate post, I like to do a ton

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Starting Off with a Bang: Duathlon Nationals 2014 and Seafair

I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to my training and racing, but this weekend was extreme even by my standards.  I hadn’t thought about the folks reading my blog when I started on my Odyssey, so I

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