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Race Report: Spring Classic Duathlon (Race 3 of 2016)

This is a quick race report for the 2016 Spring Classic Duathlon in Portland, Oregon.  

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Periodization to Varied Training

In my last race report, I hinted that I would be elaborating on some of my recent training ideas.  This isn’t exactly a new idea for me– it’s just particularly acute for me this time of year.  Add to that

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Why Nitroglycerin Patches are a Permanent Part of My First Aid Kit

No I’m not having a heart attack.  Not even a stroke.  But I am religiously using nitroglycerin patches for some of my sports injuries.  If you find yourself with connective tissue pain from running and cycling (who doesn’t?), you may

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A Quick Update on Polarized Training

Now that race season is coming around, I thought it might be the right time to write a quick update on polarized training.  Admittedly, the idea wasn’t exactly mine– a reader named Larry asked me about it on Facebook.  But

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How to Make Long Intervals Bearable

Recently, I posted about how I have been gradually focusing on longer intervals– combining the funnel periodization ideas of Steve Magness with the above-lactate-threshold ideas of polarized training identified by Stephen Seiler.  This means lots of longer intervals at very

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BSX Insight Discount For Athletic Time Machine Readers

Great news!  If you’re interested in getting your hands on a BSX Insight blood lactate monitor, you can now get one at 10% off.

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Preview: BSX Insight Multisport Edition

Yesterday, I opened up my mailbox and saw a lovely sight.  It may not look that spectacular to you, but for me it represents nascent perfection, a diamond in the rough.  It is a new tool for awesome athletic performance in 2015.  This,

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