Preview: BSX Insight Multisport Edition

BSX in the MailboxYesterday, I opened up my mailbox and saw a lovely sight.  It may not look that spectacular to you, but for me it represents nascent perfection, a diamond in the rough.  It is a new tool for awesome athletic performance in 2015.  This, my friends, is a BSX Insight Blood Lactate Monitor! Continue reading

A Quick Training Update … and a Hint About An Upcoming Post

Burke Gilman Trail

Back on November 24, I had an autologous blood injection in my right plantar fascia.  This followed four weeks after having the same procedure done on my left plantar fascia.  Being the impatient person that I am, I accelerated my rehab protocol a bit by starting my Alter-G rehab running on December 8.  All in all, my plantar fasciitis treatments have taken a good five or six weeks out of my training.  This post is a quick update on the road back to fitness– and some of my ideas for nailing 2015. Continue reading

A Different Approach to Training on Business Travel– Do Some Sprints!

Here is another approach to add quality to your training while on business travel– add some hard short sprints.  While this may seem to contradict my earlier post recommending all easy work, it’s actually very consistent.  Short, hard sprints spike the neurological system but create very little overall stress– my coach used to prescribe them on my busiest work days when I couldn’t fit in a regular workout.  Just be sure to add in plenty of easy recovery work at least every other day.

Jay Dicharry's Website, An Athlete's Body

Does anyone else live in a bubble where time-zones tick by as fast as minutes? Last night I got back home from one trip, unpacked, repacked, and flew off again this morning….traveling can be tough on our routines, and unfortunately, wreak havoc on our athletic efforts. Let’s face it, on some trips we have hours on end to utilize the high end gym (that is likely nicer than the one you have at home!). But for most of the time, it’s a pulley machine, a swiss ball, and a treadmill stuck in a standard sized hotel room masquerading as a “gym”. Not really an ideal environment to push the limits. And on top of limited equipment, you likely only have about 30 min between answering emails from your “regular work” on top of everything else demanding time on your trip. So how do you maintain your benefits of your weight…

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Off-Season Rehab with Blood Injections

The Boot

As I noted in a recent post, I’ve been building up my running mileage recently.  Now suddenly I voluntarily underwent a procedure on my left foot that has me in an Aircast boot for the next week with a gradual recovery to running.  Best of all, I get to repeat it all in three weeks on my right foot.  Why the heck would I do this?  The answer: I want to race better and with less pain in 2015. Continue reading

Adapting the training of Ed Whitlock

I just watched read Canute’s amazing post and watched Stephen Seiler’s presentation (included in the post)– and this has me rethinking some of my basic training ideas. Be sure to check it out as this may affect how you should train for the rest of your life.

Canute's Efficient Running Site

What is the best way to train for a marathon? If you are not looking beyond the present season, you can choose between several good answers, according to personal circumstances and inclination. A number of quite diverse approaches, ranging from a Lydiard-style program starting with high volume base-building followed by race-specific training, to the more intense Furman ‘train less; run faster’ program combined with cross-training, offer a the prospect of a good marathon, provided the training is consistent yet flexible enough to allow a good balance between hard work and recovery.

The question of how best to train in a way that leads to year or year improvement is less easily answered. The recent study in which Stoggl and Sperlich randomly allocated previously well-trained athletes to one of four different training regimes: high volume, high intensity, threshold and polarised found that the polarised schedule (characterised by a large amount of…

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Starting the Kinetic Revolution 30-Day Challenge

No, this isn’t a weight-loss challenge– it’s a running mobility challenge.  I’m a big fan of a lot of the ideas that come out of the U.K.-based Kinetic Revolution group as they seem to emphasize the same core principles that enlightened physical therapists recommend for their clients.  Last night, I signed up for their 30-day challenge, which promises to make me a stronger, healthier runner and only takes 15-20 minutes a day of light exercise before running.  Heck, I can do that!  If you’re interested in joining me in getting stronger and faster, join me after the break. Continue reading

Review: Garmin Virb

Garmin VirbI’ve been having some fun with the Garmin Virb that I bought to liven up this blog.  It’s been a fun week or so playing with it.  This review isn’t really intended as a full product review.  For that, I refer my dear readers to DC Rainmaker’s review of the Garmin Virb and Virb Elite.  He does a far better job at explaining products and thoroughly testing them than I ever could.  This review is intended as a supplement– my thoughts about how I can see using the Virb day-to-day and what I like and don’t like.

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