Philip Skiba: The Best Triathlon Coach You May Never Have Heard Of

Covers of Philip Skiba's books

Years and year ago, Coach Tom (one of my former coaches) recommended that I pick up a copy of  Philip Skiba’s Scientific Training for Triathletes.   Coach Tom described the book as, “the best book on triathlete training that I have ever read.”  Coach Tom is not one for hyperbole so I ordered the book immediately by express mail. Continue reading

Muscle Tension and Restoring “Pop” to Your Running

Over the summer, I’ve been filling in as the track coach for my team’s track workouts.  Every now and again, I have been adding in plyometrics, which I think are pretty essential for distance running.  I usually get some skeptical looks (particularly from the Ironman crowd) so I thought I would explain my thinking and also talk about my views about how to use plyometrics to get free speed in your running.

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