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Race Report: ITU Duathlon World Championship 2016 (Avilés, Spain)

This was the most improbable race!  A week ago, I said I couldn’t do it.  The night before the race, I said I couldn’t do it.  And, entering T2, I said that I certainly couldn’t do it.  Never in the

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How I Travel with my Bike

I travel with my bike… a lot.  Well not as much as a professional cyclist.  But for an everyday age-group athlete, it’s a lot of traveling with my bike.  Most of the folks I talk to are petrified about damaging

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Product Review: Omnium Bike Trainer

This is a product review of a super-portable bike trainer that really works.  Its called an Omnium bike trainer.  It folds up small, can fit in a carry-on bag (although you’ll probably want to check it), and can go just

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Race Report: Duathlon Nationals 2015

For a few months now, my friend Mary Craig and I have been planning to race Duathlon Nationals in St. Paul, Minnesota.  After a long flight in, we made it on Thursday and raced on Saturday.  Here’s a race report.

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Training on Business Travel

I’ve been swamped with business travel recently, so my blogging activity had to be put on the back burner.  This makes this blog topic particularly apropos given that I crammed a bunch of training into these trips.

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A Run Around Medford

Last weekend, I spent some time in Medford, NJ and took one reasonably long run (about 10 miles).  Running here is completely different from my home in Seattle.  Here’s a quick update of my adventure.

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