Future Products for Improving Video Quality

If you’ve watched either my TT training ride video or my race footage from my recent 40K TT, you’ll know that I haven’t perfected the art of stabilization or adding variety to my point-of-view.  DC Rainmaker has been much more plugged in with this technology than I am and previews some really cool technology that’s coming out that will be real game-changers if you use a video camera.

First up, a new Microsoft project creates hyperlapses from crappy video footage.  A “hyperlapse” is a time-compressed video, kind of like those videos that show traffic patterns of an entire day compressed into less than a minute.  But this project makes it possible to get glass-smooth video from shaky miserable video even worse than mine.  As a hyperlapse video, the video is “sped up” a little bit but not too much.  The final result is darn near perfect but still has a few shading artifacts.  Also, small objects on the periphery of the field of vision suddenly show up and disappear.  The overall effect is stunning video with a few oddities– kind of like playing an incredible video game.  Be sure to watch the explanatory video at the end– it’s very cool.  I guess I’ll can put that Gimbal stabilizer handlebar mount project on hold for now. 😉

Speaking about mounts, the second item is a new Kickstarter project that promises to improve the quality of your video, presumably by giving you a wider variety of angles of view.  Klamp promises military-grade reliability in a mounting system based on magnets– so you can switch your camera effortlessly from your handlebars to your helmet or anywhere else.  It’s also extensible and can be used with lighting and bike computers.  Very nifty.  I’ve already made a pledge to get this off the ground and in my hands.

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