Adapting the training of Ed Whitlock

I just watched read Canute’s amazing post and watched Stephen Seiler’s presentation (included in the post)– and this has me rethinking some of my basic training ideas. Be sure to check it out as this may affect how you should train for the rest of your life.

Canute's Efficient Running Site

What is the best way to train for a marathon? If you are not looking beyond the present season, you can choose between several good answers, according to personal circumstances and inclination. A number of quite diverse approaches, ranging from a Lydiard-style program starting with high volume base-building followed by race-specific training, to the more intense Furman ‘train less; run faster’ program combined with cross-training, offer a the prospect of a good marathon, provided the training is consistent yet flexible enough to allow a good balance between hard work and recovery.

The question of how best to train in a way that leads to year or year improvement is less easily answered. The recent study in which Stoggl and Sperlich randomly allocated previously well-trained athletes to one of four different training regimes: high volume, high intensity, threshold and polarised found that the polarised schedule (characterised by a large amount of…

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How Do World-Class Old Guys Stay in Shape

Fauja-Singh-007Who doesn’t love Fauja Singh?  Any guy who can run a marathon at 100 years old is pretty impressive.  But this post is about folks a little younger (in their 60’s and 70’s) who run a whole lot faster.  Think sub-3:00 marathons at 70 years old.  For the past several months, Canute’s Efficient Running Site has been running a series of posts on how exceptional older runners stay in shape and train.  It is definitely a fantastic read.  Here’s a quick recap of what I learned– plus my take on how to be a great older runner.  While I can’t give you any advice for living long enough to even be in Fauja’s age group, I can tell you how to train to beat him.

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