Echo H2: Another Wearable Lactate Measuring Tool

Echo H2I just backed the Echo H2 lactate measurement strip on IndieGogo— and I think you might want to consider doing the same thing.  Here’s a quick review about what it promises– and how it differs from the BSX Insight (which I also supported– and still super-excited about). Continue reading

Do You Have a MAMIL/MAWIL Complex?

A MAMIL in the WildAs you’re a reader of this blog, you’re probably north of 35 years old and exercise at least 10-15 hours a week.  I suspect you also don’t mind the effects that exercising has on your body and– I’m going out on a limb here– you own a fair amount of form-fitting lycra.  You may also own a few running shorts that are a bit skimpier than the knee-length baggy shorts that basketball players have recently made strangely fashionable.  If you fall within this demographic, read on…

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A Different Approach to Training on Business Travel– Do Some Sprints!

Here is another approach to add quality to your training while on business travel– add some hard short sprints.  While this may seem to contradict my earlier post recommending all easy work, it’s actually very consistent.  Short, hard sprints spike the neurological system but create very little overall stress– my coach used to prescribe them on my busiest work days when I couldn’t fit in a regular workout.  Just be sure to add in plenty of easy recovery work at least every other day.

Jay Dicharry's Website, An Athlete's Body

Does anyone else live in a bubble where time-zones tick by as fast as minutes? Last night I got back home from one trip, unpacked, repacked, and flew off again this morning….traveling can be tough on our routines, and unfortunately, wreak havoc on our athletic efforts. Let’s face it, on some trips we have hours on end to utilize the high end gym (that is likely nicer than the one you have at home!). But for most of the time, it’s a pulley machine, a swiss ball, and a treadmill stuck in a standard sized hotel room masquerading as a “gym”. Not really an ideal environment to push the limits. And on top of limited equipment, you likely only have about 30 min between answering emails from your “regular work” on top of everything else demanding time on your trip. So how do you maintain your benefits of your weight…

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Review: The Supple Leopard and Ready to Run– What Endurance Athletes Can Learn From the CrossFit Community

I live down the street from one of the many crossfit studios that are springing up like autumn mushrooms here in Seattle.  I’m not a fan of crossfit.  In this regard, I agree with Steve Magness’s strong criticism of the crossfit movement.  Nevertheless, I do have profound respect for Kelly Starrett, a doctor of physical therapy and self-professed avid runner, who is at the core of the crossfit movement.  This review is about two of his books: Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Runwhich I think belong on every endurance athlete’s bookshelf.

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Coravin Wine Preservation System

CoravinIt might seem odd that a review of a wine preservation system would find its way onto an blog devoted to multisport performance for older athletes, but the connection actually makes a lot of sense.  The reason is that serious triathlon and multisport is not exactly an obsession of the masses.  It tends to attract upper middle-class athletes (who else can afford the carbon fiber bike equipment).  And this same crowd tends to appreciate some of the other finer things in life– like good food and great wine.  Here’s a really cool device for balancing an older athlete’s refined gastronomical hedonism with serious athletic performance. Continue reading

Review: Anatomy for Runners

Cover of "Anatomy for Runners"I’m in the middle of a crazy busy couple of weeks right now with traveling over 20,000 miles in a little over a month.  Consequently, my posts may be a little shorter than usual for a while.  But one post that I’ve been meaning to get out for some time is my review of Jay Dicharry’s Anatomy for Runners, which I think should be on the bookshelves of every older runner or multisport athlete out there.  Because time is of the essence in my life right now, I’ll keep this review short and sweet. Continue reading

Off-Season Rehab with Blood Injections

The Boot

As I noted in a recent post, I’ve been building up my running mileage recently.  Now suddenly I voluntarily underwent a procedure on my left foot that has me in an Aircast boot for the next week with a gradual recovery to running.  Best of all, I get to repeat it all in three weeks on my right foot.  Why the heck would I do this?  The answer: I want to race better and with less pain in 2015. Continue reading