Revisiting Polarized Training

Rabbit and TurtleEvery now and then, some new information comes along that just blows away everything that I was taught about training.  Even more rare is the when older research gets updated and repackaged in a way that surprises me in startling new ways.  Both happened to me last when I dug deeper into the research around something called “polarized training.”  It may fundamentally change the way that I train– and you may want to try it as well. Continue reading

Black Diamond Race Report (Enumclaw, WA) (Race 15 of 2014)

I habitually like early summer races that are nice and flat with smooth paved surfaces.  These are the kind of races that let me settle into a groove and dial in my effort precisely.  So why on God’s green earth would I choose to do a hilly race yesterday with lots of trail running?  Oddly, it’s because of a wedding. Continue reading