Dit da Jow and Endurance Sports

Bottle of Ho Family Dit Da JowA bunch of years ago, a new coach I was working with sustained a minor soft tissue issue (peroneal tendon, as I recall) and I offered him some dit da jow to help ease the pain and ease his recovery.  Next thing you know, half of my team was being told to use the stuff.  It’s fantastic, yet hardly anyone in the endurance sports community knows about it.  It’s time to let the cat out the bag. Continue reading

A Better Way to Run MaxVO2 Intervals

trackI’m about to tell you about one of my absolute favorite workouts because it is so darn effective at making people fast at running.  It’s a variation on a running workout that came out of some research about 14 years ago and it’s amazing. Continue reading

Revisiting Polarized Training

Rabbit and TurtleEvery now and then, some new information comes along that just blows away everything that I was taught about training.  Even more rare is the when older research gets updated and repackaged in a way that surprises me in startling new ways.  Both happened to me last when I dug deeper into the research around something called “polarized training.”  It may fundamentally change the way that I train– and you may want to try it as well. Continue reading

Future Products for Improving Video Quality

If you’ve watched either my TT training ride video or my race footage from my recent 40K TT, you’ll know that I haven’t perfected the art of stabilization or adding variety to my point-of-view.  DC Rainmaker has been much more plugged in with this technology than I am and previews some really cool technology that’s coming out that will be real game-changers if you use a video camera.

Continue reading