Day 24 Update: Kinetic Revolution 30-Day Challenge

30-Day Challenge PageThis week was Phase 4 of the Kinetic Revolution 30-Day Challenge.  I think some of the exercises have been pretty amazing– about as important as Phase 2 was two weeks ago.  Here’s what I’ve been doing, as well as some additions I’ve made. Continue reading

How Do World-Class Old Guys Stay in Shape

Fauja-Singh-007Who doesn’t love Fauja Singh?  Any guy who can run a marathon at 100 years old is pretty impressive.  But this post is about folks a little younger (in their 60’s and 70’s) who run a whole lot faster.  Think sub-3:00 marathons at 70 years old.  For the past several months, Canute’s Efficient Running Site has been running a series of posts on how exceptional older runners stay in shape and train.  It is definitely a fantastic read.  Here’s a quick recap of what I learned– plus my take on how to be a great older runner.  While I can’t give you any advice for living long enough to even be in Fauja’s age group, I can tell you how to train to beat him.

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How to Do 8-Second Uphill Sprints

In the past, I’ve recommended that multisport athletes do short 8-10 second uphill sprints.  It’s part of my general training program and overall philosophy towards training.  Jason Fitzgerald over at Strength Running just put together a post and a video that describes how to do hill sprints.  My comments after the break. Continue reading

Fund runScribe on Kickstarter and Add Even More Great Features

Picture showing data metrics possible with RunScribeA funny thing happens when a lot of people sign up quickly for a Kickstarter project– the creators use the extra funding to reach for a “stretch goal,”  If you care anything about your running performance and want to avoid getting injured, you’ll want to read more and back this project! Continue reading

More Information About RunScribe

RunScribe on ShoeYesterday, Nick Pang over at the Natural Running Center had a great post on the runScribe running kinematics monitor.  To me, the great takeaway from the article was the specific data points that we should be interested in when I’m evaluating running shoes.  This is a mini-post sharing what I learned– and an idea about how to make this data even more awesome and usable. Continue reading

Product Review: Using a Compex EMS for Recovery, Strengthening, and Injuries

Compex EMS DevicesFor years and years, I’ve used and loved my Compex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS).  I use it primarily when I get injured and when I need some intense recovery that I think is somewhat comparable to a massage.  Here’s why I think they belong in every age group athlete’s bag of tricks.

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