Older Athletes Need Stronger Calves

Anatomical diagram of calf musclesAll older runners (but especially men) are at an increased risk of calf strains.  This week, I noticed that my left calf was feeling a bit ticklish, so I thought it was prudent to talk about how to avoid this catastrophic injury. Continue reading


Fund runScribe on Kickstarter and Add Even More Great Features

Picture showing data metrics possible with RunScribeA funny thing happens when a lot of people sign up quickly for a Kickstarter project– the creators use the extra funding to reach for a “stretch goal,”  If you care anything about your running performance and want to avoid getting injured, you’ll want to read more and back this project! Continue reading

More Information About RunScribe

RunScribe on ShoeYesterday, Nick Pang over at the Natural Running Center had a great post on the runScribe running kinematics monitor.  To me, the great takeaway from the article was the specific data points that we should be interested in when I’m evaluating running shoes.  This is a mini-post sharing what I learned– and an idea about how to make this data even more awesome and usable. Continue reading

Product Review: Using a Compex EMS for Recovery, Strengthening, and Injuries

Compex EMS DevicesFor years and years, I’ve used and loved my Compex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS).  I use it primarily when I get injured and when I need some intense recovery that I think is somewhat comparable to a massage.  Here’s why I think they belong in every age group athlete’s bag of tricks.

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Thinking Twice About My Next Hokas

Hoka running shoes-- right shoe with badly crushed midsole on medial sideOne of the blogs that I love to follow is The Gait Guys.  To really dig into their content, you really have to be comfortable with distinguishing the sagital, transverse, and frontal planes, know your flexor hallucis brevis vs your flexor hallucis longus muscles, and a whole lot of other technical stuff.  Recently they posted their thoughts on Hoka One One running shoes and other “maximalist” running shoes.  Bottom line: think twice before you buy them.  Here’s the simplified explanation about why.

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