Firefly Recovery Device

I started this post while I was sick with an awful chest cold. It was so bad that I had to pull out of USAT Duathlon Nationals– so much for a trip to the World Championship in Spain next year! But that also means I had a few moments to focus on blog posts– and, in this case, product reviews. While I’m always tinkering with lots of different products and ideas, not many of them actually “stick” and really show promise. The ones that don’t make the cut rarely get a word from me and only a few of the promising ones get a review. This is one of those few products. Continue reading

Playing with Xert– Part 3

This my overdue third post on using Xert to track my cycling and running fitness. This post discusses how to add running into the mix. My first post in this trilogy described why Xert is such a useful product. In my second post, I wrote about using Xert smart workouts to turn Xert into the world’s smartest coach as well as integrating those features into Zwift┬áto give you a really a fun and super-effective workout. If your only sport is cycling, those posts pretty much tell you all you need to know. But most of you are multisport athletes and this post talks about how to incorporate Xert to all of those other sports. This post is specific to running– but it could apply just as easily to any other endurance sport where power measuring technology is common (e.g. rowing). Continue reading