Why Nitroglycerin Patches are a Permanent Part of My First Aid Kit

Nitroglycerin PatchNo I’m not having a heart attack.  Not even a stroke.  But I am religiously using nitroglycerin patches for some of my sports injuries.  If you find yourself with connective tissue pain from running and cycling (who doesn’t?), you may want to ask your doctor about this simple but very effective solution. Continue reading

A Quick Update on Polarized Training

Now that race season is coming around, I thought it might be the right time to write a quick update on polarized training.  Admittedly, the idea wasn’t exactly mine– a reader named Larry asked me about it on Facebook.  But I thought it’s good information to share with everyone, especially now that it’s changing a tiny bit to get ready for race season. Continue reading

How to Make Long Intervals Bearable

Recently, I posted about how I have been gradually focusing on longer intervals– combining the funnel periodization ideas of Steve Magness with the above-lactate-threshold ideas of polarized training identified by Stephen Seiler.  This means lots of longer intervals at very high intensity.  In a race, of course, this would come naturally.  But in training, it’s hard to get the brain to accept the idea of running this fast for this long– unless you fool it.  That’s what this short post is all about. Continue reading