Using EMS Before a Big Race

Compex EMS DevicesIn about a month, I am competing in the ITU World Duathlon Championship in Aviles, Spain.  Then, about three weeks, later, it’s on to USAT Duathlon Nationals (with a rather hilly bike course).  Yet in the last two races I’ve been in, my legs have taken an unusual beating.  Here’s a quick post on an idea that I have for solving this problem. Read more ›

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Race Report: Mount Rainier Duathlon (Race 4 of 2016)

Here is my race report for the Mount Rainier Duathlon– a race I told myself I’d never do again.  This time, it didn’t turn out so bad (3rd in my age group and 29th overall) but it sure hurt. Read more ›

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Race Report: Spring Classic Duathlon (Race 3 of 2016)

This is a quick race report for the 2016 Spring Classic Duathlon in Portland, Oregon.   Read more ›

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Periodization to Varied Training

In my last race report, I hinted that I would be elaborating on some of my recent training ideas.  This isn’t exactly a new idea for me– it’s just particularly acute for me this time of year.  Add to that a suggestion from a friend, a recent post by Joe Friel, and my desire to simplify my training routine and voilà, I have the foundation for a new training regimen.  I can’t quite say that this is the best training philosophy ever, but it is the one that will be guiding my training for 2016.  Read on if you would like to shake things up a bit as well. Read more ›

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Race Report: Spring into Action 5-K


I just got back from running another one of the monthly Magnuson Series races– the Spring into Action 5K.   Here is my very short race report. Read more ›

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An Example of Using Muscle Oxygenation During Interval Workouts

A little over a week ago, I ran some hard intervals at the track with my muscle oxygen sensor.  I really should have been watching my muscle oxygen values a bit more closely as they would have made the workout a lot more effective.  Here are my lessons learned– and how you can use the same strategy in your workouts. Read more ›

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Race Report: President’s Day Weekend Run 5-K

Duck Crossing SignThis morning, I ran my first race of the year– the President’s Day 5-K race in Magnuson Park.  Not much to say– it was a slow, early season race that felt harder than it should have.  Here’s the race report. Read more ›

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