A Different Approach to Training on Business Travel– Do Some Sprints!

Here is another approach to add quality to your training while on business travel– add some hard short sprints.  While this may seem to contradict my earlier post recommending all easy work, it’s actually very consistent.  Short, hard sprints spike the neurological system but create very little overall stress– my coach used to prescribe them on my busiest work days when I couldn’t fit in a regular workout.  Just be sure to add in plenty of easy recovery work at least every other day.

Jay Dicharry's Website, An Athlete's Body

Does anyone else live in a bubble where time-zones tick by as fast as minutes? Last night I got back home from one trip, unpacked, repacked, and flew off again this morning….traveling can be tough on our routines, and unfortunately, wreak havoc on our athletic efforts. Let’s face it, on some trips we have hours on end to utilize the high end gym (that is likely nicer than the one you have at home!). But for most of the time, it’s a pulley machine, a swiss ball, and a treadmill stuck in a standard sized hotel room masquerading as a “gym”. Not really an ideal environment to push the limits. And on top of limited equipment, you likely only have about 30 min between answering emails from your “regular work” on top of everything else demanding time on your trip. So how do you maintain your benefits of your weight…

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