Hate Your PT Routine? Record It and Just Do It!

If you’re into any endurance sport, you probably have seen a physical therapist more times than you care to remember.  A good PT is a magician in fixing your body but sometimes the elaborate routines of exercises that they assign can be a little daunting.  Some people are fine with reading the exercises off a sheet of paper, remembering all the cues that their PT warned them about for each exercise, and then mechanically going through the steps to make it happen.  I wouldn’t be one of those people.  Combine a highly perceptible degree of boredom with a virtually imperceptible degree of confusion/stress from having to figure out the exercise and, well, the exercise just doesn’t get done. Eliminate the second part (confusion/stress) and doing an exercise routine seems so much easier.  I think this is one of the reasons why exercise videos and classes have so much better consistency than just trying to do an exercise program out of a book.

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