Why I Like to Do a Ton of Racing– And So Should You

Last year, I made it onto TeamUSA for ITU Long-Course World Duathlon Championships (Powerman Zofingen).  I trained all season really hard, averaging 40+ miles a week of running and 200+ miles a week of cycling.  I didn’t race more than a half dozen races.  I hated my life and I barely spent any time with my wife.  While my endurance was fantastic, my speed sucked.  Then, three days before the race, I severely strained my right soleus while jogging the running course of the race and my season was over.

After the race, I spent a lot of time looking back over my race history and I remembered that I tended to be happiest when I raced a lot.  My all-time record was racing in 23 races in one season.  While almost all of these races were lower-priority “B” or “C” races, they all still brought a greater sense of satisfaction to my athletic season than my one or two “A” races.  And, as Zofingen had proven to me, putting all of my eggs in one basket puts my overall happiness in a very precarious position.

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