Review: The Well-Built Triathlete (Matt Dixon)

Cover of The Well-Built TriathleteIf the name Matt Dixon isn’t familiar to you, it probably should be.  He’s an exercise physiologist and coach in the bay area.  In addition to having an impressive race resume from his younger days (two time Olympic trials finalist, NCAA D1 swimmer, and a win at Vineman 70.3), he’s probably best known for founding and leading purplepatch fitness, which has led to over 150 professional Ironman and half-Ironman championships and podium finishes (including 50 wins).  His success is the result of combining and balancing four key elements– endurance, nutrition, recovery, and strength.  Get the balance right and athlete’s enter a “purple patch” in which their true performance potential comes shining through.  This is the book to help you get there too.

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