Product Review: Using a Compex EMS for Recovery, Strengthening, and Injuries

Compex EMS DevicesFor years and years, I’ve used and loved my Compex electrical muscle stimulators (EMS).  I use it primarily when I get injured and when I need some intense recovery that I think is somewhat comparable to a massage.  Here’s why I think they belong in every age group athlete’s bag of tricks.

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Recovery Nutrition on the Cheap

First Endurance Product LineAthletic nutrition is a a ridiculously complex topic that I won’t claim to fully understand.  In fact, I’m a bit of a nutrition idiot.  For the most part, this doesn’t hurt me— I think that long-course or IM athletes are the ones who really need to treat race day nutrition as a “fourth event” in triathlon (or a third event in duathlon).  But I do have some ideas about recovery nutrition and I think I have some of this down pretty well.  The purpose of this short post is to share a quick tip for making this cheap and easy.

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Starting a Recovery Mini-Series!

Over the next few days, I’ll be continuing to build out one of the other essential pieces for the Athletic Time Machine site— RECOVERY!  If you want to race and train like a younger athlete, you have to recover like one.

I’ll be adding three posts with less-known tricks I use to enhance recovery.  Of course, all this will be archived on the site and also summarized under the Enter the Time Machine section of the site.

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Lactate Clearance Intervals, MCT-1, Arrhythmias, and Why You Need Speed

EKG ImageA few weeks ago, I did some very short, high-intensity sprints in the middle of a zone two bike ride.  The sprints left me feeling exhausted far more than they should have, so I thought it was probably a good idea to do two things: get some more low-intensity aerobic training in and to simultaneously work on some really high intensity interval work.  This post explains why this might not be a bad idea after a couple of weeks of hard racing.

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How I Travel

This week has seen me doing a fair amount of travel for a client.  I travel a fair amount for work and have racked up my share of airline miles, but I don’t travel nearly as much as others.  With my whole family on the east coast and a race schedule that has me on a jet at least annually, there are a few tips to travel that I thought I would pass along– and hopefully get some thoughts flowing.

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Review: The Well-Built Triathlete (Matt Dixon)

Cover of The Well-Built TriathleteIf the name Matt Dixon isn’t familiar to you, it probably should be.  He’s an exercise physiologist and coach in the bay area.  In addition to having an impressive race resume from his younger days (two time Olympic trials finalist, NCAA D1 swimmer, and a win at Vineman 70.3), he’s probably best known for founding and leading purplepatch fitness, which has led to over 150 professional Ironman and half-Ironman championships and podium finishes (including 50 wins).  His success is the result of combining and balancing four key elements– endurance, nutrition, recovery, and strength.  Get the balance right and athlete’s enter a “purple patch” in which their true performance potential comes shining through.  This is the book to help you get there too.

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Review: Garmin Virb

Garmin VirbI’ve been having some fun with the Garmin Virb that I bought to liven up this blog.  It’s been a fun week or so playing with it.  This review isn’t really intended as a full product review.  For that, I refer my dear readers to DC Rainmaker’s review of the Garmin Virb and Virb Elite.  He does a far better job at explaining products and thoroughly testing them than I ever could.  This review is intended as a supplement– my thoughts about how I can see using the Virb day-to-day and what I like and don’t like.

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Race Report: WA State Time Trial Championship (40-K)

Today, Mary and I were down in Tenino, Washington to race the Washington State TT Championship.  This is a great event hosted by South Sound Velo.  This is the fourth(?) time that I’ve done this race.  For Mary, it was her first time trial.  My goal was to come under an hour (I rode it in 58:59) and Mary’s goal was to break 20mph (and she rode 20.6 mph), so all in all, it was a great day.  Here is a quick pdf of the overall results.  My time was good for 8th position out of 19 in my M40-49, Category 4-5 age group.  Middle of the pack– exactly where I expected to be.

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